PlayersThe Christchurch Players is a group of amateur performers, most of whom worship at Christchurch, although on occasions the group is joined by members of other churches to put on various productions. The aim is to produce a selection of events each year to raise funds for the church and for nominated charities.

The main event of the year is the annual pantomime held at the end of January. Players also take part in Sunday services, for example performing sketches or reading prose or poetry. In the past the group has led Murder Mystery Evenings, produced one act plays, performed Shakespeare plays condensed to 3 minutes each, held a theatrical make-up demonstration and hosted film and discussion nights.

Pantomime rehearsals are held from September to January on Tuesday nights. They are informal and fun evenings, although there is usually some panicking as the New Year approaches - but it always comes together in the end and a good time is had by all! Keep an eye on the Events below Calendar for upcoming Players events.

If you are interested in joining the Players, either send an email, or ask on a Sunday morning. You donít have to be able to sing, dance or act (though at least one out of the three would be useful), just willing to make a fool of yourself about on stage for the amusement of your friends!


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