Minister & Leadership


Christchurch has a Leadership Team made up of the Minister, up to two Elders, the Officers (Secretary and Treasurer), and up to ten Deacons. Overall, this team is responsible for:

The Minister and Officers each have specific responsibilities; the Elders and Deacons have more general roles that are shared between them, some of which also apply to the Officers. These include:

In support of some of these roles, Deacons participate in rotas for stewarding, preparing and serving Communion, etc. However, much of the activity involves leading by example, taking collective responsibility in supporting decisions, and being available to the church as a whole.

In addition, some Deacons may take on other specific positions within the church (for example as youth work, fundraising, buildings maintenance), as co-ordinators and/or active participants, as an expression of their general leadership role.

Currently the Deacons are: