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50th Anniversary

Posted 09/11/2017

As the anniversary year draws to a close, we celebrate with a Christmas Tree Festival. Groups or organisations that use the church in any way will be invited to provide and decorate a tree that reflects their particular organisation. Friendship or family groups are also welcome to do so. We look forward to a stunning end to our special year of celebration and thanksgiving.

Anniversary Weekend

Posted 02/10/2017

Reflections on the Golden Anniversary weekend are included in the current edition of Pulse. It proved a memorable few days of services, events and celebration. Photographs of the events will appear in due course on the website.

Holiday Bible Club

Posted 02/10/2017

A report on the week of activities, culminating in the service on Sunday morning, followed by a bring and share lunch, features in the current edition of Pulse. A number of photographs are included and these will be added to the website at a later date.

Christchurch on Social Media

Posted 31/07/2017

In addition to our website, Christchurch is now also active on Facebook! For details of what's going on, latest news, comments, photos, and information please take a look at the Christchurch page. Yet another means of communication!

Anniversary Weekend 1st - 3rd September

Posted 31/07/2017

We join on Friday evening for a quiz and barbecue and on the Saturday for the Golden Anniversary concert. On Sunday morning, we invite you to a special celebration for the life and work of this church and to share communion together. In the evening, we will be singing some of our favourite hymns and giving thanks for generations of our church at our 'Songs of Praise'. Click here for full details.

Welcome to Our New Minister

Posted 17/04/2017

The formal Induction Service of our new Minister, the Rev. Andrew Kleissner took place on Saturday 1st April. The service was conducted by Rev. Susan Stevenson, South Wales Baptist Association Regional Minister. A warm welcome was extended to Andrew and his wife Moira by representatives and friends from the wider church and community. Andrew joins us from Christ Church United Reformed/Baptist Church, Ipswich.

Celebration Meal

Posted 30/03/2017

As part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations, over 60 past and present church members met together for lunch at the Cyncoed Golf Club on March 26th. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to see friends, both old and new, to reminisce and to look forward too to the next chapter of Christchurch's story.

Cymanfa Ganu

Posted 02/03/2017

The Cymanfa, the second in a series of varied celebratory events to mark the church's anniversary, took place in February. The congregation present enjoyed an afternoon of wonderful hymn singing, some emotive Welsh melodies and also the opportunity to share fellowship together.

Annual Report 2016-2017

Posted 05/02/2017

The Annual Report for 2016-2017 is now available in PDF format to read online or download here.

Induction Service

Posted 29/01/2017

The Induction Service has been arranged for the Reverend Andrew Kleissner on Saturday, April 1st at 2.00pm. More details will follow in the March issue of Pulse.

Launch of 50th Anniversary Year

Posted 29/01/2017

To mark the start of our 50th Anniversary year, the morning service on January 8th saw the unveiling of two commemorative wall hangings, a tapestry prepared by Ladies Circle and a canvas, The Living Tree, by Junior Church/Youth Club. Photos of both are available in the current issue of Pulse. The service was followed by a delicious Fellowship Lunch in the Church Hall.

Christchurch 1967-2017

Posted 03/01/2017

A series of events to celebrate Christchurch's fiftieth year has been organised. Full details available here. These special events are in addition to all the regular annual events. A very special anniversary year lies ahead!

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