Junior Church

Junior church is an integral part of our morning worship. We begin by meeting with the congregation as a whole at the start of worship before we leave the adults and go into the youth hall where we continue worshipping God, learning of his love for us through Jesus, learning more about the bible and how it helps us live our Christian lives.

We start by sharing together as a group the bible story in various ways: through interactive bible story telling; through the children acting out the story or through games. Following this we split into 4 specific age groups to continue discussing, learning and sharing what the bible story/passage may mean to each of us, this often includes an opportunity for worksheet and craft activities, before we rejoin with the congregation and share with them what we have learned.

Our four groups are:

Junior ChurchThe names were chosen to reflect the progression the children make on their journey of learning more about God: the younger children (Flames) are starting this journey and have the opportunity to talk about and share what they have learned; as they move to the next age group (Rockets) they’re often able to discuss the stories in more depth and learn more about the way God wants us to live; then they move on to Asteroids. Finally, “Team Crucible” was chosen as a crucible is a melting pot, part of the refining process and we felt this reflected the experience for our young people as their thoughts and knowledge are refined and they grow in their understanding of God. Meeting as “Team Crucible” is an opportunity for our young people who are now of high school age to meet together, to study the bible and discuss how to apply God’s word to their lives. Originally the group was known simply as Crucible however the “Team” was added by one of our young people in taking ownership of the group.

We have seen the Junior Church grow in recent years which is really exciting and we are privileged to be able to share with and support the children and young people in their growth as Christians and in their understanding of God.

If you want to know more, come along on a Sunday Morning and find out what Junior Church is all about!


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Mrs. Ruth Dickinson

Telephone: 029 2073 6610

Email: juniorchurch@christchurchunitedcardiff.org.uk