Fellowship Group

Fellowship GroupThe Fellowship Group meets on a Thursday evening, approximately every two weeks.

Most of the time is around discussion and study; we have looked at particular books of the Bible, followed study guides, and discussed whole books, over a session of several weeks. At present, as decided by those who attend the group, we are picking up the themes from the morning services on the previous Sunday; and these are currently following the “Essential 100” Bible readings. This has been an opportunity to follow up the sermons, discuss things in more detail, consider how some of the themes and ideas have played out in our own lives, and how we might continue to grow in faith.

An important focus in the group is on fellowship, hence the name. The times of study are an opportunity to get to know one another better, as we share our thoughts and experiences, and as we encourage one another.

If you want to look at things in more depth, to share with others, or have questions about the Bible and the Christian faith, why not come along? All are welcome.