Cardiff Foodbank

Cardiff FoodbankEstablished in 2009, Cardiff Foodbank is part of a nationwide initiative which was started by the Trussell Trust in Salisbury in 2000 and their model has now been launched in over 50 towns and cities throughout the UK.

In July 2011, the Cardiff Foodbank agreed to use the Maelfa Shop as a distribution point twice a week. The sessions are on Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons. Food donated by individuals and organisations is stored at the shop and distributed to clients during those sessions. Clients are identified by front line professional care workers such as health visitors, charities, church pastoral workers and issued with food vouchers. Clients can call in and enjoy a cup of tea and a chat at the Maelfa as they exchange their vouchers for food parcels.

The churches in the Cardiff East Local Ecumenical Partnership are participating in a rota to collect donations.

As of Friday, June 30th, the distribution centre will move from the Maelfa Shop to St. Philip Evans Church on LLanedeyrn Drive.

For further information regarding the Foodbank please visit the Cardiff Foodbank website.

For further information regarding distribution at the Maelfa shop please visit the Maelfa Shop website.